How to Act If You Need to Use Your Car as an Ambulance

Fortunately, there will be few times that you will have to use these unique signals to mark your car as an emergency vehicle. Ambulances are usually used, but if emergency and urgency are urgent, we will have to use our vehicle as such and get to the hospital as soon as possible with the injured person, sick or in labor.

This assumption is contained in Article 70 of the General Circulation Regulations in which it establishes the proper use of the vehicle in this exceptional situation.

The most important thing is to know how to become visible when we drive in our improvised ambulance by using the horn intermittently and activating the emergency lights. If someone misses the idea of the handkerchief, it is also allowed to shake a tissue through the window although the priority is the lights so that the rest of the users give us the step by moving aside or stopping.

If the situation occurs, the agents may ask for a justification to our conduct in which they will evaluate if it is a priority emergency. Other times it is the same security forces that escort the private vehicle to the nearest hospital, although the coincidence may not occur.

Am I the master of the road then?

It is clear that the need to reach the hospital puts us in a priority position on the road, but that does not mean that we can violate necessary traffic regulations. You can not exceed the speed limit or violate traffic signals; we can be sanctioned although everything depends on the urgency since the priority is the help of the patient.

Maybe I’ll sign you a radar or traffic light, and a few days later the ticket will get you home, in that case, you’ll have to appeal the fines. According to experts in road safety, it is likely that you will not be fined if you pass a continuous line or on the right, you skip a pass, a stop or a pedestrian crossing. These last two can be $200 fine.

If the situation is so is important that you are forced to drive in the shoulder or bus lane, the police may stop you but only enough to corroborate your emergency situation. The same if it is necessary to park in the double row, in loading and unloading area or a ford.

From here you can add a series of possible penalties that will always depend on the security agent that stops you. In general, if you drive with the emergency above signs, the Civil Guard does not usually stay, if necessary only ten seconds or five minutes.

What is considered “urgent.”

In case you stop, it is verified that the situation is emergency and you are escorted to the medical center. What is urgent? A heart attack or birth What is not critical? The breaks, sprains or cuts in which the life of the passenger is not at risk.

In any case, yes that will be sanctioned if it is driven with a lot of recklessness and puts in danger the life of the rest of drivers and pedestrians.