The Texas Touring Ts Model T Club was organized to bring together Model T enthusiasts to plan and participate in club activities, learn about car maintenance, and enjoy fellowship with others. This organization places an emphasis on touring and the enjoyment of driving these wonderful cars.


It usually starts with the ring of a phone. The caller asks, "Are you ready for a drive?" Club members check the oil and water, lubricate the necessary parts, and gas up the Model T. Then it's time to take off.

When traveling the back roads at 35 miles per hour, it's easy to enjoy the features of the landscape that would never be recognized if passing through in a modern car at higher speeds. There is nothing like driving a Model T with friends and then dining outside under giant oak trees or eating a great meal in a cozy country cafe.


Since our focus is on driving Model Ts, our meetings are in the form of tours, outings, or gatherings. The group will gather a minimum of four times per year and members will receive notices via e-mail.

Annual dues are $10 per family. More information about dues is located on the Join Us page.


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Model T maintenance tips are available to help keep your car on the road.

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Join the Texas Touring Ts and enjoy driving your car with other Model T owners.

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Our focus is the enjoyment of riding in Model Ts and getting together with other Model T owners. We enjoy riding around the local area, to communities surrounding the Brazos Valley, to areas in different parts of Texas, and to other very special trips outside of Texas.

Hop in your Model T and join
for lots of FUN,


The Texas Touring Ts is a chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America, and we follow the by-laws for local clubs. With chapters located all over the world, the purpose of the Model T Ford Club of America is to provide fellowship and exciting activities for its members. Take a look at their calendar to see the travel opportunities that have been planned throughout the year.

For those living in the United States, dues for the Model T Ford Club of America are $29.00 per year, and your membership includes six issues of The Vintage Ford magazine. To join, send your payment to The Model T Ford Club of America; P. O. Box 126; Centerville, IN 47330-0126. You can also complete an on-line application.