How to Crank a Model T

Step 1: Make sure your hand brake is fully pulled back.

Step 2: Open the Gas Throttle to the 6 to 8 notch.

Step 3: This is most IMPORTANT. If your Model T is equipped with a battery, make certain the Spark Lever is closed all the way up. If your Model T uses a magneto battery, pull the Spark Lever about 1/3 down.

Step 4: Open carburetor dash adjustment 2 to 4 full turns (depending on the temperature).

Step 5: Make sure that Model T lights are switched OFF.

Step 6: Switch on the ignition.

Step 7: Hold out choker ring.

Step 8: Properly insert hand-crank and give it a good turn (hand-crank will only go clock-wise). It may take a few times to start (depending on the temperature).

Step 9: Once the engine fires, promptly release the choker.

Step 10: Adjust the Gas Throttle and Spark Lever to normal positions. (Switch over to magneto if started on dry cells.)

Source: The Model T Ford Owner by Murray Fahnestock.

Contributed by Ernie Wentrcek and Ben Hardeman ~ January 2008

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