How to Make a Torque Wrench

A good torque wrench is not expensive and probably would find almost universal use, if it were not for the two head bolts at the rear of the head. On the later models, it is impossible to get a socket and torque wrench on these two bolts.

A solution to this problem is to buy an inexpensive 5/8 inch impact socket with a half inch drive from a discount store like Harbor Freight or Big Lots. Impact sockets are not plated and the end result is a stronger weld bond.

Cut the socket in two at the center with an abrasive saw.

Laying the 5/8 inch socket with the opening down and the 1/2 inch drive opening up on a flat surface, braze or electric weld the two pieces together. The final offset between the 1/2 inch drive and the socket is about 1 inch. The socket end will slide under the edge of the firewall.

Contributed by Don Warner

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